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Ramstead MFG

Wheel Fitment Tool

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Patent Pending

Version 3.0

This tool is designed to assist in determining how a variety of wheel diameter, width, and offsets will line up with the fender of your car. Options available for 4 and 5 lug only, or all hub plates to include 6 and 8 lug hub plates. A built in magnet will hold the tool to your vehicles hub without the need for lug nuts.

Make sure the tool is centered on the hub for the most accurate wheel diameter positioning. Some 4wd vehicles with large lockouts on the front hubs may interfere with the tool, but it can still be used on the rear of the vehicle in these cases. 

This can mimic wheels in the following ranges:

  • Wheel diameter from 13 inches to 30 inches
  • Wheel width from 6 inches to 16 inches
  • Wheel offset from -65mm to +65mm
  • Compatible with 4 and 5 lug hubs
  • *Optional 6 and 8 lug hub plates

Works for:

  • 4 lug (4x98 - 4x156 and every thing between)
  • 5 lug (5x98 - 5x165.1 and everything between)
  • Optional 6 lug (6x114.3 - 6x139.7 and everything between)
  • Optional 8 lug (8x165.1 - 8x210 and everything between)

*Please take other factors into consideration such as clearance with the tire, brake rotor and caliper clearance, suspension clearance, etc. Make sure the hub plate and hub of the vehicle are centered with each other for more accurate wheel diameter positioning. This tool will only assist in finding the appropriate offset as the outside edge of the wheel looks with the fender. The actual location of the outer wheel lip will vary slightly between manufacturers and design choices they made for their wheels, but this will be very close. 

This product is 3d printed in ASA to order and may have a lead time of several days before shipping. Color may vary depending upon filament availability.

*We are not responsible for incorrectly ordered wheels due to the use or misuse of this product. Always double check your work with other methods (the whole measure twice, cut once idea)